Letter Landscape. 2016.

Letter Landscape. 2016 (w/ Henrique Loja).
Video and slide projections.
Variable dimensions
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Letter Landscape, a project by Andreia Santana and Henrique Loja consists in the installation of two simultaneous projections (slide and video). Through several exercises that convoke orality and 3D tutorials for modelling, mapping and manipulation of the terrain, there is a construction of a dialogue between Language and Territory, as developers for closeness.
In the slide projection Notas em lugares comuns (Notes in common places), can be observed the relationship between the analog device, which concedes images of several Cartesian coordinate planes, appropriated from 3D modelling landscape softwares, intertwined with captions that auxiliate its manipulation, and the new techniques of creating spaces through web platforms. Reflecting on the fluxes from different coding systems, in this case, from the virtual world that returns to the physical world, these softwares find its constitution in the attempt to produce palpable and findable places, through a caption narrative.
This roaming in a map without territory, allowed by the web “common-place” that, writes a discourse of intangible convergences, the elsewhere, that automatically is found and relates to the Other, deleting all the existing frontiers. The video projection Ikebana simulates the clash between idealistic pre-fabricated landscapes, establishing a parallel between the act of caring in a love relationship and the maintenance of an artificial nature. The landscapes without location from Ikebana unroll simultaneously with a text from a fictitious karaoke, provoking a discord between sound, image and text, recurring to a familiar lounge-ambient sound design, that allows the viewer to immerge in the search for an unreachable place.
Alluding to the Japanese flower arrangement practice Ikebana, and oriental philosophy, the video presents an intimate, sensitive and subjective experience, relating non-places with Otherness, questioning the act of caring with surveillance and waiting processes, unveiling the fragilities of a constructed map of relationships, where the only condition for freedom, in the dissolution between the self in the Whole, it is not to be limited to a place that is not spiritual.
Departing from the ouvre The Poetics of Relation by Édouard Glissant (Martinique), and in the best way to understand this confluence between the idea of territory and the self, with the idea of travelling and relating to the Other, the installation display in the room was variable, rotating during the exhibition period, drawing new possible spaces, allowing new mobilities and visibilities of the works, where the viewer and the viewed are constructed and understood as one.
In Letter Landscapes, landscape and territory are mediated through the erasure of frontiers and fragmentation of distances, constructing contiguities where the word is inhabited by the palimpsest of sharing.